Discharge Policy

  • Once the admitting consultant gives intimation to the concerned nursing staff, the discharge procedure is initiated. The process may take few hours, from the intimation of the discharge to hand over of discharge papers.
  • Once your final bill is generated, you are expected to clear your dues by paying cash or by a credit/debit card. In the case of TPA/cashless/corporate discharge, all the formalities will only be completed after getting the approval from the concerned company.
  • Attendant’s pass is to be returned at the time of the discharge to the billing Executives/department. After showing the ‘Paid Bill’ stamp on the final bill and Settlement Receipt, Ward Clerk / Nurse hands over File of Investigation reports and Discharge summary.
  • Resident Medical Officer/Nursing Staff explains the dos and don’ts after discharge with medicines, as per the advice of the concerned Admitting Consultant as written in the Discharge summary. Discharge summary is given to the patient / next of kin at the time of discharge which includes treatment given and treatment advice, when to obtain an urgent care, contact details in case of emergency and follow up details.
  • In case the patient requires the medical ambulance for the drop, then the party needs to inform our nurse or our patient care executive as they will make the necessary arrangements.